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Uridium 2

This is a real blast from the past and my first Game in the industry (1992)

Uridium 2 was the Amiga re-make of the classic C64 fast paced, ultra mean, side scrolling shooter that pretty much set the bar for others to follow.

The screen grabs were taken from the youTube Longplay vid, but the tile sets are freshly converted from the original .lbm tile sheets

U2 loading

Loading Screen (screen grab)

Uridium 2  loading screen by ohnhai

The Pencils for the loading screen (this was the very first art I scanned into a computer)

U2 fleet1 loadscreen

Fleet 1 Ship1 loading screen. (.LBM Amiga res) Andrew hated these as he is colour blind and thus couldn't read these at all. on the unreleased CD32 version these were re-coloured

U2 f1 s1 001

Fleet 1 ship 1 (screen grab)

U2 f1 s2 001

more F1 S1 (screen grab)

U2 f1 s4 001

Fleet 1 Ship 3 (screen grab)

U2 f2 s1 001

Fleet 2 Ship 1 (screen grab) This was a homage to the first ship in the original Uridium on the C64)

U2 f2 s2 001

Fleet 2 Ship 2 (screen grab)

U2 f4 s2 002

Fleet 4 Ship 2, construction (screen grab)

U2 f4 s2 001

Fleet 4 Ship 2 (screen grab)

U2 f4 s3 001

Fleet 4 ship 3 (screen grab)

U2 fleet1 tilesheet1

Fleet 1 Tile sheet, (.LBM Amiga res) these could be flipped, rotated and even colour flipped (swap the first and second 16 colours) to create the largest varience and flexibility

U2 fleet2 tilesheet1

Fleet 2 Tile sheet 1 (.LBM Amiga res)

U2 fleet2 tilesheet2

Fleet 2 Tile sheet 2 (.LBM Amiga res)

U2 fleet4 tilesheet1

Fleet 4 Tile sheet 1 (.LBM Amiga res)

U2 fleet2 deckgun and hatch

Deckgun and Hatches sprite sheet (.LBM Amiga res)

U2 coremechsuits

Core Suits Sprite sheet (.LBM Amiga res)